VP of Operations

Growing gear manufacturer is looking for a VP of Operations. Ideal candidate will have at least 10+ years of Operations Management experience, at least 5+ years in an automotive parts/heavy machining manufacturing environment. The Vice President of Operations must have a thorough knowledge of contemporary manufacturing methodologies, a working knowledge of heavy industry Machining and a proven track record of successfully managing a multisite, complex and fast paced operations. The position requires at least a bachelor's degree. Additionally, this executive must have excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills, as well as be proficient with basic computer software such as the Microsoft Office suite. The Vice President of Operations will assist the company's President with day-to-day operations. This executive will develop and implement a variety of strategies to maximize operational efficiency and customer satisfaction while maintaining world class quality performance. The Vice President of Operations will provide oversight and guidance to team members, follow up on projects assigned to staff and interact with the customer on key initiatives. The VP directs and coordinates all site activities to achieve facilities' KPIs based on our Way of Working (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Employee) through direct reports and in a manner that aligns with core values. The VP also directs, arranges or otherwise facilitates non-operational activities to attain business growth, add value to our product, maintain positive employee relations, develop and maintain positive relationships with customers, business partners and the local community, minimize the facility's environmental impact and maintain the physical property and infrastructure. Accountabilities of a VP o Short-, mid- and long-term strategies that are in line with company values and profitable. o Overall success of the facility. o Effective communication to effectively ensure all objectives and activities are understood and implemented. o Promote process standardization o Champion continuous process improvement o Utilize our Way of Working to achieve a safe work environment, cost reduction activities, quality objectives, KPI targets, and set objectives to improve efficiency and productivity. o Development, motivation and training of management staff for additional responsibility/professional development and future growth of the company o Responsible for financial P&L results o Compliance with company policies and employee ethical conduct in accordance with Code of Conduct. Responds to customers to meet their needs effectively and timely; regularly follows up with customers to ensure satisfaction; notifies management when support is needed as appropriate; is able to answer customer inquiries on products and services independently; relates to customers in a manner that enables them to regularly offer options, ideas or products to help meet their needs; identifies strategies/processes that help the organization serve customers more effectively. Interpersonal Skills Considers and responds appropriately to the needs, feelings and capabilities of different situations; relates well with others; is tactful, compassionate and sensitive and treats others with respect; anticipates and resolves confrontations, disagreements and complaints in a win-win way. Coaching Gives honest and timely feedback in a constructive manner; regularly schedules time to provide coaching and feedback to employees; feedback is appropriately focused on behavior and results; knows the strengths and knowledge gaps of each staff member and addresses them effectively. Communication Skills Communicates in a clear and concise manner utilizing appropriate grammar and tone; listens to and considers ideas from others, even when different from own; conveys message using appropriate method of communication (e-mail, phone, in person) Problem Solving Evaluates problems to determine root causes and impacts; notices discrepancies and inconsistencies in available information; establishes relationships and is able to draw conclusions from data; evaluates strengths and weaknesses of resolution options; identifies appropriate individuals to involve in problem resolution. Innovation/Initiative Consistently demonstrates enthusiasm and persistence; responds appropriately to improve outcomes, processes or measurements; identifies what needs to be done and takes action before the situation requires it. Experiments with approaches to find better solutions to problems; develops faster, better or more efficient ways of doing things; encourages creative thinking and innovation; adapts best practices and processes to the work unit. Organizational Skills Completes assignments timely and reliably; determines priorities and allocates appropriate resources effectively; maintains focus and perseveres in the face of obstacles; ability to effectively adjust to changing responsibilities. Detail Oriented Provides accurate and consistent information; work product requires little or no checking; follows procedures and processes as identified; conducts follow up to ensure actions are completed. Results Driven Consistently delivers required business results; maintains commitment to goals in the face of obstacles and frustrations; pushes self and others to reach milestones while holding self and others accountable; recognizes when analysis and discussion have served their purpose and moves to action; maintains a significant level of effort and time commitment to achieve goals; displays a sense of urgency in solving problems. Conflict Resolution Takes positive action that addresses the issue, dissipates the conflict and maintains relationships; objectively views the conflict from all sides; help parties find common ground and viable solutions; establish clear rationale for resolving the conflict Talent Development Designs formal plans for career development of others; ensures opportunities for development are available; gives specific feedback on performance; participates in opportunities to enhance knowledge and skills in others; regularly meets with employees to review progress Team Oriented Creates an inclusive work environment; asks for input of team members and encourages participation of all; collaborates across internal or organizational boundaries to meet common objectives; recognizes and utilizes individual strengths/talents; shares important/relevant information with team members. Strategic Thinking Demonstrates a good understanding of operating environment and industry and market factors that affect role; considers external environment into account when making decisions; analyzes options and decisions based on long-term outcomes; identifies gaps in information required to understand strategic issues.
Salary Range: $225K - $281K
Minimum Qualification
15+ years

Don't Be Fooled

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